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NCRC at Trafford Hall

Trafford Hall is the home of the National Communities Resource Centre (NCRC). At the NCRC we help to create fairer communities across the UK by giving people the skills, knowledge, confidence and connections they need to change the world around them. We also have a strong environmental and conservation ethos and empower people to transform themselves, their community and the environment.
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How the NCRC works

We work with housing associations, councils and other anchor organisations to connect with residents, frontline staff and community groups. Together we change how and where people live for the better. We unite families facing very different challenges and show young people how they can overcome lack of opportunity, by translating their ambitions into action plans.

The way we work is successful because we invest in the people, places and programmes that make everyone involved feel safe, equal and part of the solution. Trafford Hall is where they are free from distraction, able to see things in a different light and commit to positive action.

Staying with us, benefits us

In 2021, the YHA (England and Wales) took on the running of Trafford Hall to enable the NCRC to focus on its core charitable activities. In booking through Trafford Hall, you will still be making a vital contribution to both charities by keeping this vital resource open for many people to enjoy and benefit. Your booking will also be of benefit to you, by way of a credit towards your Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

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Bringing people together

Together we recognise that the continued widening, and deepening, of gaps between many communities in the UK, make NCRC's role more urgent than ever - bringing people together to find solutions for change.
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