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We have been delivering programmes that empower local people to create positive change where they live and beyond for almost 30 years. We advocate for the support communities tell us they need and amplify their voices.  

Our programmes

Our events and programmes help create fairer communities by giving people the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to change the world around them.

Delivered in an immersive and inspirational way, our programmes draw on the natural and secluded surroundings of Trafford Hall, where away from the distractions of everyday life, ideas flow and connections form easily.  

Our unique 2-3 day residential model allows people to explore new ways of learning, building on their understanding from one day to the next. Meeting other people who experience the same challenges ignites new ideas, leading to creative and collaborative solutions.

People leave our programmes feeling inspired, confident and motivated to share what they have learned with their communities.

Every programme we deliver is individually designed and tailored to address particular topical issues facing communities and the social housing sector. These typically falls into three categories:

Complaint resolution, tackling anti-social behaviour, teamwork, wellbeing, personal effectiveness and individual skills development.

How to effectively consult and represent your community, engaging diverse groups, group dynamics, skills and tools to establish and manage community enterprise projects.

Different tenant structures, working as a committee, inspiring tenant leaders, the role of tenant inspectors, board and panel defining roles and responsibilities, running effective meetings and effective tenant/landlord relations.

Bespoke Support

Using our network of approved trainers we can develop a course which provides training in exactly what you want to learn. Training can be delivered at Trafford Hall, or if it’s more convenient to you, we can deliver the course closer to home.

Shaping Sustainable Futures

Perfect for 16-24 year olds, this completely free residential programme explores exciting green careers and includes lots of fun skills-building activities. Check our event page for the latest dates or enquire below!

Family Futures

A residential weekend designed to create a supportive and structured environment to encourage families to increase the number of activities they do together to provide skills to move forward in tackling issues which are currently affecting their family.
community volunteers painting a wall

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