Our mission

To close the inequality gap that exists in communities across the UK by providing training, support and resources for those people living in the lowest-income neighbourhoods. The National Communities Resource Centre (NCRC) was launched in 1991 and is based at Trafford Hall in Cheshire. We have a 25-year track record of achieving impact. Developing people’s confidence, skills and capacity to tackle community, environmental and social problems.

Who we are

The National Communities Resource Centre (NCRC) helps create fairer communities across the UK by giving people the skills, knowledge, confidence, and connections they need to change the world around them. NCRC has a strong environmental and conservation ethos and empowers people to transform themselves, their community and the environment. Creating social change through collaborating and helping people find and action their own solutions.

What we do

The NCRC team has built a reputation as an advocate for positive change.  We work with housing associations, councils, and other anchor organisations, to connect with residents, frontline staff and community groups. Together we change how and where people live for the better. We unite families facing very different challenges and show young people how they can overcome lack of opportunity, by translating their ambitions into action plans. The way we work is successful because we invest in the people, places and programmes that make everyone involved feel safe, equal and part of the solution. Trafford Hall is where they are free from distraction, able to see things in a different light and commit to positive action.

Where we work

While our programmes can take place anywhere, including online, NCRC’s historic Cheshire home, Trafford Hall, has evolved over 25 years. It is a unique environment where people learn, share ideas and connect. On top of everything, Trafford Hall is a place where people want to be, and where the noise of the world is absent so they can be fully present.   Built-in 1756, the Hall today reflects NCRC's environmental and conservation priorities and our wider belief in the power of ‘green thinking’ to act as a catalyst for community change. Set in acres of organic gardens and woods, it has on-site renewable energy facilities, sustainably designed modern bedrooms and carbon-neutral training space.

Our culture

The vision for Trafford Hall and the transformation of the communities supported by NCRC over 25 years, have been driven by the energy, expertise and vision of NCRC volunteers, staff, supporters and delivery partners. Together we recognise that the continued widening, and deepening, of gaps between many communities in the UK, make NCRC's role more urgent than ever - bringing people together to find solutions for change.
community volunteers painting a wall

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