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lord richard rogers

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Communities across the UK are facing hard times, but the 10 million people living in social housing are at the sharp end: over 4 million social housing tenants and a further 4 million private tenants live in poverty, once housing costs have been taken into account. This is way over half of all poor people in the country – a shocking total of 13 million. Government funding is falling and the situation is getting tougher. People in poverty, in social housing, are hardest hit by cuts.

Trafford Hall helps these people to help themselves. We build communities and community leaders, we enable agency and social mobility, and we break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Our programme is founded on the belief that empowerment is contagious; by building the skills and broadening the horizons of one, we can create a force for good that impacts a whole community. And when a community has confidence and skills, it can transform buildings, public space and lives.

Trafford Hall’s beautiful training centre in Cheshire allows delegates to discover their potential, and build their skills, away from the pressure of day-to-day life (as well as providing a revenue stream to support their charitable work).

Trafford Hall is an incredibly inspiring place, where you can see people developing skills and reaching their potential. I am proud to have been a founding patron and trustee since 1991 and I hope that you will be able to share in Trafford Hall’s success.

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