Online Headlines: Damp and Mould

Introducing ‘Online Headlines,’ our new webinar series which aims to share the findings from our in-person think tank events more widely.

After each think tank, LSE Housing prepare a report combining the headlines and key discussions from the event with the latest research. These reports are shared with the housing sector and key Government departments, ensuring the voices and experiences of tenants and professionals are heard and used to drive change.

In this webinar we will share and build on the headlines from the recent think tank ‘Damp and Mould: The big picture,’ exploring the points raised and how we can now implement the ideas brought to the table. Alongside presentations, we will also facilitate group discussions so that everyone can contribute.

Everyone is welcome at this webinar, whether you joined us at the think tank or not! A summary of discussions that took place during the think tank will be shared, bringing everyone up to speed and giving them the opportunity to add their perspectives and experience.

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