Northmoor Cooking Club

The aims of this group, based in Manchester, are to bring together different members of the local community in a fun environment to share recipes, ideas, make friends and encourage them to eat healthily.

After attending our Promoting Healthy Eating course, the group decided that they wanted to run a weekly cooking club at their community centre. The cooking club will encourage healthy eating, reduce isolation within the community, help people to cook recipes on a budget and will be community led.

To help set the cooking club up the group were successful with a grant application of £480.00 which covered the room hire for 48 weeks! On top of this the group received £1,000 additional funding from Food Futures which the group used to purchase ingredients and equipment for the cooking club.

“The funds have been used to cover venue hire for the weekly cooking club, utilising the kitchen and large room within the Northmoor Community Centre”.

Feedback from the participants of the club is that they feel by socialising and meeting new people in addition to cooking healthy meals has increased their confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Learning to cook healthy meals on a budget has also helped to reduce stress amongst the participants.

Local residents and volunteers are involved in helping to run the cooking club, one of the volunteers who actively leads the group has secured a part time job for 20 hours per week as a result.

“Thank you so much for the support of the grant as small amounts help to support small community groups like this”. – Quotes from Giselle Bawden – Northmoor Cooking Club

Nothmoor cooking club

Participants at one of the weekly cooking clubs