Invergarry Residents Association

Invergarry Residents Association have set up their own gardening club which consists of 5 committee members and 15 volunteers. They have transformed an unused area in their local community in Croxteth, Liverpool, into a lush green space with flowers and vegetables.

The aims of the group are quite simple; they want to grow their own produce and keep their community garden nice for people to enjoy.

Members of the group attended our Gardening for Health course in November 2013, one thing that struck them after the course is that they couldn’t go straight back to their garden and start planting seeds as they had nowhere to grow throughout the cold winter months. As a result the group successfully applied for a grant of £300 to buy themselves a polytunnel to enable them to grow all year round.

The polytunnel the group bought was 8 foot by 20 foot, it has given them a chance to grow their own fruit and veg and keep seeds for next year. Being able to save seeds to plant again the following year has also meant that they have had to raise less money for themselves.

More of the community are now getting involved and the group have held an open day to show case what they do.

“We as a group would like to thank Trafford Hall for all their help, and giving us the chance to buy a polytunnel. We are over the moon to put it mildly”Albert Ronald Thomas, volunteer with group

Invergarry Residents polytunnel

The polytunnel bought with the grant money